Best Worx Pegasus Work Bench

Worx Pegasus Work Bench

The Worx Pegasus can be converted to a sawhorse. This multi-function work table is one of the best on the market. It holds about 300 lbs. and supports 1,000 pounds as a sawhorse. When you want a portable folding workbench, this is the top choice for various reasons.
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Worx Pegasus








Black & Decker

Portable Workmate 1000

Best Worx Pegasus Work Bench

Have you got a long term project, but you do not have a proper place for it? Then do not worry about it, as we have got the best portable workbench that will ease your job to a great extent. Having the correct portable workbench available to you can make your work project go a hell of easier, making it a joy to work with.

It can turn into a chore picking the right one with such vast numbers of options available today. We have made choosing the right one simple by spreading out the most well-known ones at various value points.

Worx Pegasus Multi-function

The Worx Pegasus portable workbench is an affordable, high quality, and durable item that can let your work done in no time. You will not have to take a lot of time to finish your project.

WORX Pegasus is a super compact and versatile foldable work table that requires only 5-inch depth when folded. It’s easy to carry so go anywhere you want with this table. The Weight holding capacity is pretty well as it goes from 300 to 1000 lbs. The bench can be used in both ways, a sawhorse and work table as well.


  • Nice table Sturdy Very easy to setup Nice work surface Quality portable folding work


  • Some glaring problems


The BLACK+DECKER Portable Workbench looks the iconic Workmate from Black and Decker considered as a definitive extra for all DIYers, designed and protected by Ron Hickman, is a sturdy, flexible ultimate useful portable workbench and general carpentry instrument manufactured and sold under the brand of Black and Decker.

Another lightweight table with a solid benchtop which can clamp up to 1000 pounds load. Adjustable Aluminum legs make it a durable and heavy-duty tool. Also, the assembling and folding are so quick. You will get two 12 inches clamps as a piece of accessory equipment. The top of the table is resistant to all cracks which supports a high weight.


  • Doing many jobs easy Easily movable Brilliant portable work platform


  • Assembly instruction is not there


The Keter portable workbench is quite exceptional, as it is designed to work as either a sawhorse or a standard work surface. In addition to this, this best item may be compared to a transformer in the way that it satisfies more than one capacity with a little bit of folding and snapping.

It’s a small table with heavyweight capacity. It can bear up to 450 lbs. It’s a multipurpose counter that can be used as a sawhorse, vise, worktable and a tool in an equal manner. Because it is erected with steel frames so you can conceive the durability and strength of this table very well.


  • Well designed Easy adjustable Perfect for DIYer


  • Not strong enough to


Black and Decker have been manufacturing the best items, indeed, which have considered the users. In addition to this, this model of Black and Decker has the best feature and functions.

This tool is designed for big projects as it comes with dual height adjustments which you can set according to your project. Another steel frame table with 500 lbs. holding capacity. It allows you to grip some distorted shape stuff with vertical clamping and jaws.

Compact design is suitable for small working areas. Moreover, it’s easy to bend and convey anywhere. You will get 2 years warranty.


  • Suitable for an average weekend woodworking Sturdy Solid Easily carriable


  • Bit flimsy

Black & Decker Portable Workmate 1000

Workbenches can quickly become the most commonly used table type around. You can use them for many things! Whether it’s straightforward weightlifting, sewing, painting, painting, high-quality workbenches can meet all challenges.

We think it’s time to make ourselves one. Therefore, we will introduce you to the very popular Black & Decker WM1000 Workmate Workbench through a proper, detailed, and comprehensive Workmate 1000 review. Black & Decker will produce some of the best workbenches and workbenches, and WM1000 Workmate Work table is one of the most popular workbenches.

Black+Decker is a name of quality so we have again another tabletop from this brand. This workmate model comes with 550 pounds holding ability due to its concrete steel frame. This Handy bench is small (42.70 x 24.00 x 8.25 Inches), lightweight (39.80 lbs) and super convenient in folding and opening.


  • Multifunction Lightweight and compact; portable and travel-friendly Scalable work surface Easy to open and pack Double height Has universal, flexible clamps and vise Strong load-bearing capacity


  • Poor assembly instructions Cheap, fragile nuts and bolts

Portable Workbench Buyer’s Guide

As it is very tough to pick the right pick when there are useful quality items available in the market. So for this, you need to look at some factors which are essential before buying a handy workbench.


If the size of the work surface is essential for you, at that point, you will need to maintain a strategic distance from the WM125 from B&D or one of its clones since the actual work surface on those things is non-existent. Where the Workmate and its progeny do exceed expectations is in their capacity to take a firm hold of virtually any sort of something regardless of how huge or little or how oddly shaped.

In case you are a tall individual, either ensure your seat is of sufficient exact height, or that it has legs that can be changed following bringing the bench up to where you need it.


If you are the one who wants more stable workbench, then you need to go for a heavier one. In addition to this, sometimes, weight can create issues for you, if you take yourself a foldable product, but you can easily overcome such problems. Nevertheless, if you want a bench that you can quickly move around then go for a lighter one.

Assembly Difficulty

None of the benches on the above list need any technical knowledge to assemble. They would not be handy if they did. In any case, some are simpler to assemble than others. So if gathering your new workbench just turns you off as an issue of instruction at that point, go for one of those that require minimal get together like the WORX Pegasus.


If you require heavy or full of load work, then you must have the best place to work on. Moreover, stability is always a function of weight. In any case, different considerations play into balance, too, including a full position, non-slip feet, and a solid steel frame. If a collapsing workbench is on the high side but then has a thin balance, you should be watchful about using it on overwhelming or awkwardly formed items.


It is far more critical that a portable work table should be sturdy. Moreover, if you are thinking of putting 300-400 pounds load on it, then make sure that it should not buckle or wobble. However, if you get the opportunity, you should consistently confirm the carrying limit with the manufacturer.


Some workbenches are made of ABS plastic. Some are made of aluminum, some steel, and other metals, depending on which one you like best. One might think that steel is the strongest, but you might be wrong, some ABS plastics are as durable as metal, and they are also lightweight.

Easy Of Installation

This is one of the essential factors when most people choose a portable woodworking workbench. No one wants to waste time on the installation workbench; it should be easy to fold and deploy in seconds. In our list, most portable workbenches are easy to assemble, but if you ask me one, I will choose the Keter workbench for you, which is the winner.