Best Zupapa Trampolines

Zupapa Trampolines

Zupapa is one of the most popular trampoline manufacturers in the world. And it all comes down to their quality and dedication – making every trampoline a superb addition to any home’s backyard. Here, we want to show you a few Zupapa trampoline reviews, so everyone at home can hop on and enjoy a fun yet helpful exercise like playing basketball on your trampolines.
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12 Feet Trampoline with Enclosure


Multi-Size Kids Trampoline


10 Feet Trampoline


2020 10 FT Trampoline for Kids


2020 Trampoline

Best Zupapa Trampolines

Zupapa is one of the most popular trampoline manufacturers in the world. And it all comes down to their quality and dedication – making every trampoline a superb addition to any home’s backyard. Here, we want to show you a few Zupapa trampoline reviews, so everyone at home can hop on and enjoy a fun yet helpful exercise like playing basketball on your trampolines.

No matter whether it is for children or teenagers – these trampolines will handle everyone and provide an amazingly entertaining experience. So, ready to know more about the best models from a top-notch trampoline brand? Then hop right on!

Zupapa 12 Feet Trampoline with Enclosure

You don’t want a giant trampoline, but you don’t want something small either. In that case, there’s nothing better than the Zupapa 12-feet trampoline. With this one – you can get the advantage of its construction without losing any space, so kids, teenagers, and even adults can enjoy it to the max.

While checking the trampoline, you’ll find a magnificent set of materials that make it one of the most long-lasting trampolines in the market.

It comes with galvanized springs, totally rust-resistant for outdoor use. This matches well with the polypropylene anti-UV jumping mat, and an 8.9-feet enclosure net made of polyethylene. Together, they make the whole trampoline last several years effortlessly.


  • Protective pads on springs and poles
  • 500 lbs of the weight limit
  • The no-gap cover prevents accidents
  • Quality spring materials for durability
  • Long-lasting galvanized construction
  • Stiff steel joints for sturdiness
  • Totally outdoor-resistant materials


  • Slightly problematic setup instructions

Zupapa Multi-Size Kids Trampoline with Enclosure

So, what makes the Zupapa Multi-Size Kids Trampoline a slightly pricier option than the other Zupapa models? Well, it all starts from the different size options available – yet it gets even better when you consider the materials and the build it offers.

You can get the 12-feet model with 72 pieces springs so you can get it working in small backyards with ease. But you can also get the 14-feet trampoline, coming with 96 pieces, which makes it slightly harder to install, but exponentially larger. And if you want the bigger model – then go for the 15-feet one.

Each option will fit specific needs depending on overall footprint availability. So there’s an option for every user with this trampoline.


  • Excellent bounce and durability with mat
  • High-quality polyethylene netting for safety
  • Long-lasting galvanized steel construction
  • Helpful rain cover keeps it safe
  • Next-level padding on poles and springs
  • Super secure and convenient non-slip ladder


  • Setting up the netting can be frustrating

Zupapa 10 Feet Trampoline with Enclosure Reviews

We can’t always talk about the largest and most expensive models when we can also go through the smallest and cheapest ones. That’s precisely what you get with the 10-feet Zupapa Trampoline with Enclosure.

Everyone loves affordable products when they’re worth having. And the Zupapa 10-feet round trampoline offers that kind of experience.

You get a total weight capacity of 330 lbs, thanks to one of the sturdiest frames in the market. Yet, it has the hot-dip galvanization on the frame that stands out the most – making the whole frame super resilient for decades.

Let’s not forget about the UV-resistant mat as well as the high-quality padding all around. It is an affordable trampoline, but one of the most long-lasting on the list.


  • Extra-bouncy set of springs
  • Quality netting for safety
  • Resilient galvanized poles and springs
  • Ultra-affordable but long-lasting
  • Unique non-slip ladder for safety
  • Excellent foam padding all around


  • It may feel a bit stiff for small children

Zupapa 2020 10 FT Trampoline for Kids with Safety Enclosure Review

So, are you interested in a small trampoline? Then you’ll love the newest 2020 trampoline for kids – a 10-feet model that handles more weight delivers more bounce and provides superior safety.

Instead of having the standard 40 springs for the mat, you get a total of 52 springs. That’s 12 more spring than the typical trampoline – adding an extra bounce that feels amazing.

The real advantage comes from the softness it still manages. While other round trampolines with several springs felt stiff for small children, this one will feel super soft even at first use.


  • Extra sturdy steel frame
  • High-quality materials all around
  • Ultra-safe with padding and unique sewing
  • A superb set of springs for extra bounce
  • Excellent weight capacity at 330 lbs
  • Totally rust-resistant


  • Small design not ideal for adults

Zupapa 2020 Trampoline with Safety Enclosure for Yard Happiness Review

To finish the list of Zupapa trampolines, we had to bring one of the most exciting options – the Zupapa 2020 Trampoline with multiple sizes. It comes with everything you’ve read out about so far and a little more.

Everyone wants a trampoline that can get them as high as possible. Sadly, most trampolines in the market offer a limited number of springs that eventually fail to deliver proper bounciness. Luckily, the Zupapa 2020 trampoline is nothing like that.

Here, you get up to 20% more springs than with the standard trampoline – offering the chance to receive exceptional bounce every time. No matter the size you pick, you’ll experience one of the most entertaining tramps in the market.


  • A wide array of size options
  • Ultra-sturdy frame design and build
  • Next-level galvanization on the poles
  • Top-notch bounciness with extra springs
  • Quality mat and net materials for durability
  • No-gap and padded pole design for safety


  • Slightly more expensive than other Zupapa models

What to Look for Before You Buy a Zupapa Trampoline?

We know how difficult it can be to come by with the ideal trampoline since there are somany trampoline types. And it becomes especially difficult if you have to pick between several Zupapa models. But don’t worry – here we explain how you can choose the ideal one following their most important features.

Size of Zupapa Trampolines

The first factor to consider will be the overall size. Trampolines are measured through their diameter, typically in feet. Here, you will find Zupapa tramps going from 10 feet up to 15 feet with several options in between.

For your information, the larger the trampoline, the more people can use it – but again, the more space it will take to install. So be careful before picking a size.

Zupapa Mat and Netting

The quality of materials in the mat and netting will tell all the difference between a cheap model and a high-end one.

Luckily, Zupapa usually makes the mats out of polypropylene, which tends to be a fantastic material. However, be sure to get one that offers UV resistance. This way your trampoline mat will remain brand new and you will hardly need any trampoline repair kit to patch a hole.

As for the netting, always try going for polyethylene over any other material. This is the standard for Zupapa tramps. But still, be careful not to pick something else that eventually works deficiently.

Springs of Zupapa Trampolines

You want the highest number of springs, so the mat feels stiff but delivers proper bounciness. Here’s where Zupapa always works wonders.

Some of its models offer several more springs than the standard trampoline. That’s a massive advantage if you want to enjoy a bouncier trampoline. Still, be careful not to pick something with too many springs that eventually feel stiff. And no matter how many springs your trampoline comes with, you need to take proper cleaning steps and clear the rust as soon as possible.

Zupapa Frame and Poles

As for the frame and poles, you’re likely to find galvanized steel. But even then, some Zupapa trampolines come with a unique hot-dip galvanization that’s even better than the typical galvanization. That’s what you want to go for.

At the same time, consider those models with W-shaped poles that attach together with steel hooks/joints to keep them together.

Zupapa Padding and Sewing

Last but not least, make sure you get a safe trampoline. That means getting the proper padding and sewing.

Padding goes between the poles and the spring, preventing users from hitting with the metal and getting hurt.

And the sewing goes on the connection between the mat and the springs. This will keep users from getting stuck on the springs, which can be pretty dangerous. A no-gap sewing system would be ideal for that.

TUV Approved Zupapa

All the Zupapa trampolines meet the safety standards provided by TUV. TUV is a German organization that measures and determines the safety of products like trampolines for your kids.

Zupapa Customer Support

After getting a Zupapa trampoline, if you face any issues, you can directly reach the customer support team. And they will help you with empathy and instant response. That’s why Zupapa trampoline owners are always happy with customer support.

Zupapa Trampoline Care and Maintenance

You will get a rain cover in the box so that you can protect your Zupapa trampoline in the rain or winterize it. Besides, you need to know and follow the basics of trampoline care.

Zupapa vs Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker is a very popular trampoline manufacturing brand. They provide trampolines in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Though all the Skywalker trampolines are designed for providing safety and bounce, they lack some features compared to Zupapa trampolines.

Skywalker trampolines have less weight support than Zupapa trampolines. They don’t come with many additional accessories like the Zupapa. Skywalker trampolines do not come with rain cover, T-hooks, and ladder like the Zupapa trampolines.

But some of the Skywalker trampolines are cheaper but have less warranty period than Zupapa trampolines.

Zupapa vs Jumpsport Trampolines

Jumpspot provides great fitness rebounders along with some regular and traditional trampolines. But they have less weight limit and they are not sturdy enough like the Zupapa trampolines. Zupapa trampolines have a great weight limit and they are built for durability and stability.