Best Waterdrop Filters

Waterdrop Filters

The Waterdrop water filtering faucet is a filtration system that attaches onto a kitchen sink faucet, producing filtered water when you switch the faucet on. It’s NSF certified to Standard 42, for the removal of chlorine, and Standard 372, for having a certified lead-free construction.
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Best Waterdrop Filters

Waterdrop company was founded in 2015 and has since gained popularity in the water industry to provide homes with high-quality water filtration services.

Since water is an essential commodity and could also be a source of disease spread through contamination, Waterdrop company came up with water filters that purify home drinking water to ensure your family remains healthy and hydrated. The company is built on the premise to deliver safe, healthy, and safe drinking water-something that most parts of the world lack.

The company has designed, developed, and delivered several high-quality water filters, including reverse osmosis water filtration systems, under-sink water filters, refrigerator water filters, faucet water filters, and water filter pitchers. These water filters are built by a team of professionals committed to identifying global and local market trends and then innovating to meet people’s needs everywhere.

The company is interested in perfection and high-quality performance and creating shared value that positively influences the whole community. The quality of the water filters begins in the selection of raw materials used vetted by a team of experts to ensure the material used meets high standards. All the Waterdrop products have been certified by several quality certification bodies such as CSA, UPC, NSF, FCC, WARS, and UL certification tests.

Waterdrop Faucet Filter

This product is an NSF-certified 320-gallon water filter designed to cater to virtually all kitchen sink faucets. It has a longer life than most water filter faucets in the market as it can last for three months in use, different from two months of other faucets. According to the NSF, it meets standard 42 with 93% success in reducing chlorine, including odor and taste.

It also boasts NSF standard 372 on its lead-free materials. Its filters are designed to work faster and efficiently, allowing you to filter four 16-ounce water bottles in one minute. The replacement filters came in three packs and are purchased from manufacturers. The filter uses multi-stage filtration and efficiently targets a wide range of contaminants than competitor’s models.

It has a stainless-steel mesh that helps in trapping large particles in the water, which is proceeded by a pre-sediment layer intended to filter rusts, sand, and other small particles that pass through the first mesh. These filtration features help the cartridges to last longer, explaining why Waterdrop water faucet filters have a longer life than similar products in the market.


  • NSF certified
  • It lasts longer than the filters by compeitors
  • The Filter is effective in reducing chlorine
  • Stainless-steel mesh and a pre-sediment layer help in eliminating even small particles and fluoride.


  • It is not as efficient in reducing TDS
  • It can be challenging to install in cases where you are using an adapter
  • It does not have a filter filtration indicator which means you have to check the gallons passed to determine when to replace them.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis System (RO WD-G3-W)

Waterdrop company manufactures a tankless reverse osmosis water system that is effective in fast filtration allowing users to get a glass of drinking water from the filter in approximately 12 seconds.

The Waterdrop RO system tops many similar systems in water preservation giving a ratio of 1:1for wastewater and filtered water, where other systems often operate at ratio 3:1 or 4:1. When the other RO systems lose four gallons of water for every gallon produced, Waterdrop RO loses only one gallon of water for every gallon produced.

The design of Waterdrop RO is compact and slim and can work well in an under-sink space. It has a smart leakage protector that will cut off the electricity supply and water flow if the leakage is detected.

A seven-stage water purification process can remove harmful particles and substances from water at a 99% success rate. It also enhances the smell and taste quality of water enabling users to increase their daily water intake for better health.


  • The membrane removes the odor and allows the drinking of fresh water direct from the faucet.
  • The built-in pressure pump increases the water pressure that could fill the glass faster.
  • The system is compact and slimmer, helping save space as it can rest
  • The system is compact and slimmer, helping save space as it can rest under the sink and does not plumber to install.


  • The carbon filters made by coconut shells could add some minerals to the RO water.
  • It takes longer to fill larger jugs of water than the standard RO systems.
  • It is slightly expensive than the other regular RO system units.

Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filter System

This product adopts a sophisticated UF membrane with a pore size of 0.01 micron, meaning that any contaminant in the range above size 0.01-micron will is blocked from passing through the membrane. The filtration process gives an excellent performance to use your water for RV, allowing you to your water throughout the trip.

The system is perfect for water preservation as it results in zero water wastage. This system was developed by Waterdrop company to deliver socially equitable, economically sustainable, and environmentally sustainable purified water. Its design is compact and slim that helps in saving lots of under sink space, leaving more room for storing water.

The system is easy to install, allowing you to pack some of your things into your RV. Since the ultra-filtration system has an integrated waterway, it can immediately filter water that passes through it without relying on a pump. Because it does not need a pump, it offers you pure water in a quiet and relaxing environment.


  • It has an extended filter life of 24 months, thus saving maintenance costs by reducing the frequency of replacing filters.
  • It offers 99.99 % surety of water safety due to its 0.01-micron pore size in the filtration membrane. It means that contaminants, bacteria, and viruses cannot pass through to the drinking water, resulting in increased performance.
  • It is easy to install and replace the filters without the need for a plumber.
  • It is quiet since it does not need a pressure pump.


  • It does not solve the TDS problem.
  • It can be expensive for those with a limited budget.
  • Replacing the three filters can be costly.

Waterdrop Fridge Water Filter

Waterdrop fridge water filters offer the user a cheap and effective alternative for filters than the brands such as LG and Samsung. The refrigerator filters are smartly designed and certified for filtration purposes for your fridge. The Waterdrop fridge filter is designed to fit your fridge without the worry of water leakage properly.

The design’s simplicity makes it easy to use and install without tools or any hassle. Its life is about six months, purifying approximately 300 gallons of water, after which you need to replace the filters. The product has NSF 53 certification and approval for its efficiency in removing dangerous contaminants such as lead, cyst, Benzene, carbofuran, and endrin.

This product also has an NSF 42 certification indicating that it can minimize chlorine taste and smell, meaning that it offers you tasty water similar to that from a spring. Its component is lead-free; thus, it provides safe and reliable drinking water. The manufacturer recommends running water through the filter to help clear off the carbon and improve taste before drinking the water.


  • It is easy to install with clear reset instructions provided.
  • It offers an opportunity for reinstallation, which helps with eliminating noise issues associated with the wrong installation.
  • The filters come with two rubber washers that prevent leakages
  • It has three ring-shaped seals that make it fit similar to the expensive OEM filters.
  • It is cheaper than the branded filters.
  • Its packaging is secure, ensuring that the filters are safe.


  • Its seals and flange are not as good compared to those of OEM
  • It can result in water leakages if used with some Samsung models due to a gap between the locking system.
  • It has a higher water speed.
  • Some users have noticed the smell of carbon in the water.

Under Sink Direct Connect Filtration System

The under sink direct connect filter is a Waterdrop product with a 5-stage filtration process different from ultra-filtration under the skin system. It is also different in design from the other under sink filters occupying little space. It has a lower cost with an exceptional filtration process. Since it has only the cartridge, it has a low maintenance cost, and it is easy to use and fix.

This product also has an activated carbon membrane with small pores, which improves the water quality. The membrane aid in removing harmful contaminants like mercury, lead, chlorine, chloramines, and fluoride. The first stage of the purification helps to remove larger particles from the tap as water passes through the polyester membrane.

The second stage has an active carbon block filter for removing chlorine, bad smell, and taste. The third stage allows water to go through a KDF filter to remove metals and harmful microorganisms, while the fourth stage filters help remove fluoride. The final stage, which is the fifth stage, descales water by reducing the accumulation of scale-causing minerals.


  • It is cost-saving with low initial cost and lower maintenance costs
  • The filters have a longer life span of up to 2 years, thus reducing replacement cost and frequency.
  • It has a five stages filtration process that enhances the system’s efficiency in removing impurities and sediments.
  • It is easy to install with a quick fix


  • The system needs a separate tap since they only work with an independent faucet that delivers water.
  • It does not operate with hot water unless installed using a standard filter tap.
  • It is not chilled, which means you may need to refrigerate or add ice cubes
  • It does not have smart indicators showing the need for filter replacement.

Waterdrop Compare and Competition Brands

In the water filtration industry, Waterdrop is a big player with sophisticated technology. The company has shown a greater passion for excellence in improving its products regularly.

Waterdrop has designed and engineered several filters with over 200 brands making the company one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. Though some of its products are expensive, they are worth the price if customer reviews count. Their market penetration is on the rise showing the company is handling competition effectively.


Waterdrop water filters are the optimal choice for filtering tap water, the company offers a wide range of filters that can be chosen according to your need. We hope that our detailed waterdrop filter reviews help you know about the products, their features, and all important information to make a wise buying decision.