Best Tenpoint Crossbows

Tenpoint Crossbows

TenPoint crossbows are the safest on the market. The company takes this very seriously, and that’s why the included the anti-dry fire mechanism, finger safety range, and cocking and decock system. All said and done, this bow shoots fast, gives super mobility, and has a rifle-like design that puts you way ahead of the curve.
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C13004-7412 VAPOR









Best Tenpoint Crossbows

Being a shooting aficionado or being someone active in the field, you know by now ordinary bows and arrows are appropriate for the novice. Whether you are a professional hunter or you consider hunting as a hobby, you might want to level up your shooting skill.

For that, you may use some archery gears such as bows, arrows, bow boxes, arrow rest, quiver, bowstrings, etc. Along with these gears, you also need to use the best crossbow as you are trying to progress your skill of shooting.

As you know, excellent skills and talent are quintessential, of course. These are gifted qualities or come after years of hard work and practice. Pair over the top equipment with these skills, and you have all that takes to be the best shooter.

It is always necessary to be well geared and prepared both mentally and technically before stepping into the hunting field. Although most hunters practice shooting using regular crossbows, they can’t get the best potential out of it. And it happens when they use malfunctioned gears, or they go with the wrong crossbow brand.

Thus, you need to be cautious enough while choosing the right crossbow. In terms of quality and functionalities, the Tenpoint has something impressive to notice. The brand has lots of high-quality crossbows that meet savvy hunter’s needs.

Its stuff is the evolution of crossbows shooters have dreamt of. Carrying this will give you superior benefits and boost your confidence level. So, here is an overview of the best TenPoint crossbow there are.



crossbow puts the limelight on, making it easier for the user. Firstly, it focuses on speed. Using this bow, you can shoot arrows with ultrafast speed. Become the Usain Bolt of shooting with this TenPoint crossbow.

Secondly, the focus is on reducing carrying unnecessary weight. Shooting can last hours and be tiring. Bulky equipment only adds unnecessary weight, which makes you even more fatigued than you should be.

Thus, one of the best TenPoint crossbows has come up with a lightweight structure, and it is effective, though. Thirdly, the design and material used make maneuverability easier. The lightweight and design make carrying this around easier. It is made of aluminum, the lightest metal.

Other than that, it has a RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted on machined aluminum. The TenPoint C13004-7412 has a 7 to 8-inch mount and will give you better stability and rest.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • High speed
  • Highly durable
  • Great functionality


  • The design could be better




TenPoint crossbows always include features that deliver performances like no other. This specific TenPoint crossbow is known for its accuracy. You can aim your target with 100% accuracy and rest assured it will hit.

Other than that, this has excellent speed. With a magnificent speed of 410 feet per second, this TenPoint crossbow will shoot your arrows like a shooting star. The crossbow is 6 inches wide, giving it the pristine condition to shoot.

This trio of features is the perfect combination to level up your shooting game. Furthermore, this TenPoint crossbow features an adjustable speed bolt. Using this speed and arrow drop compensation setting, you can control the speed your arrow will be traveling by.

The crossbow has settings for three duplex crosshairs and five dots that will allow you to adjust settings for 20-, 30-, 40-, 50- and 60-yards. This thing sits on a RangeMaster Pro Scope that is 8.25 inches and made of aluminum.


  • Fast speed
  • 100% accuracy
  • Adjustable speed bolt
  • Silent cocking mechanism
  • Three premium carbon arrows provided


  • Does not come with a dampening system




This innovative product in the line for the best TenPoint crossbow is unmatched with any other. The package comes with a multi-line scope, arrows, and quiver all included. The crossbow itself is one of the lightest the market has to offer. It weighs only 6.3 pounds; thus, it will not add to your bulky weight.

Additionally, it has blazing speed and pinpoint accuracy. 4s cams that shoot at a speed of 360 feet per second means you can hear it reach the target as soon as you hear it leave the quiver. The narrow yet 15 inches wide crossbow makes it easier to shoot with and will give you pinpoint accuracy.

The 8.5-inch multi-line scope in it means you can control the distance your arrow will cover. 3X optics and three duplex crosshairs let you choose from 20-, 30-, and 40-yards and a fourth partial line for 50-yard shots.

The quiver itself can hold three arrows, and they can be easily detached. The arrows provided are three aluminum arrows with practice points. The cocking system is integrated into the buttstock, and the ACU draw 50 makes for easy cocking.


  • Blazing speed
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • Three aluminum arrows provided
  • Adjustable multi-line scope
  • Instant detach 3-arrow quiver


  • Cocking system is not silent




This TenPoint crossbow has many useful features that enhance its functionality. To start with, it is customizable. It is equipped with TenPoint’s fusion S stock that lets you adjust the comb height.

You can also customize the length of pull using its two-position butt plate. Integrated with the buttstock is Acudraw 50 that creates favorable conditions for easy cocking. Also, the ropes that are attached fold neatly into the unit’s housing after cocking, letting you keep it organized.

TenPoint is one of the finest brands for bow and archery products. After years of research and development, accuracy, and convenience, its features have been enhanced. Shoot with an eagle’s eye accuracy and jaguar’s speed with this crossbow.

The arrows can go up to a rate of 340 feet per second. As a bonus, arrows, quiver, and scope are all included in this package. It has pro-elite carbon arrows, 3X pro-view scopes, and instantly detachable quiver. All these features help you a lot during shooting.


  • comes with arrow, quiver, and scope
  • high speed of 340 fps
  • pinpoint accuracy
  • easy cocking system
  • adjustable comb height


Beginners may find it difficult to operate


The next one in the list of the TenPoint crossbow is no less than others. If you are looking for a crossbow that is compact and user friendly, this is the one for you. Despite its compact size, this package is not less than the others in any way.

It is convenient to carry. Carrying big and bulky equipment is tough, especially when out in the wild or unfavorable weather conditions for long hours. This feature makes it more user-friendly.

Furthermore, the camouflage print will make it easy for you to shoot, blending itself with the surrounding. This TenPoint crossbow comes with all the necessary gear required, including a 3X Pro-view scope and three pro-elite carbon arrows with practice points.

The Acudraw cocking mechanism makes it easy to cock. Apart from that, the crossbow is easy to move around and maneuver. It lets you take charge in all those impromptu shooting conditions.


  • user-friendly
  • compact design
  • easy to maneuver
  • Three arrows provided
  • easy cocking mechanism


  • Size may be too compact





By now, you have a general idea about what to look out for a while buying a TenPoint crossbow. However, you should have a detailed overview of what factors to see before purchasing a TenPoint crossbow.

After all, you do not want your money to go to waste. To sum it up, here are the things listed below that you need to ensure before buying the crossbow.


One thing you need to look out for is the weight of the crossbow itself. It is something you have to carry all the time and cannot leave on the ground. Picking heavy equipment will only add to your unnecessary bulky weight and will make traveling harder for you. Thus, choose something sturdy yet lightweight.


Secondly, watch out for functionality and operations. Choose something easy to use. Imagine, when you finally spot the deer in pristine conditions to shoot, you do not want to haggle the opportunity by fidgeting with confusing buttons and bolts. Thus, choose something easy to operate even during instantaneous shooting conditions.


Another thing to keep in mind is sound. Sometimes, even the slightest click may produce a sound enough to alert your prey.  Make sure the sound of your gadget is not alerting and shooing the prey away! Many TenPoint crossbows offer soundless operations that will not cause any distraction to your target.


When it comes to specialized features, speed is something that you should consider. The faster the speed, the quicker the arrows will hit your target. Go for something that covers a large field when shot. We recommend a shooting range below 320 fps.


The design of your crossbow is of paramount importance as it is associated with functionality. Ambidexterity is another feature you should look out for. Many things are somewhat tough to operate by left-handed people, which is unfair.

However, with this sport, you do not have to worry about that. TenPoint makes crossbows that are ambidextrous. That means you can function them with equal ease with both hands, whether you are a lefty or righty.


Lastly, we all have our preferences when it comes to color, but in this case, a camo print would be the right choice. Not only does it look stylish and goes perfectly with the theme, but it also ensures that it blends well with the surrounding in the wild. And it keeps your weapon hidden. Sometimes, the print itself can get you out of sticky situations.


There are lots of crossbows available out there. Many other brands provide similar features, but what makes TenPoint stand out is its quality and reliability. TenPoint is an award-winning brand that is trusted by the users.

In a game like shooting and hunting, you do not want to go wrong with the gear. If you are investing a good sum of money, then it must be a good and durable investment too.

TenPoint is trusted for its quality, reliability, and functionality. It is made with the best raw material that also ensures longevity. There are many types of TenPoint crossbows available in the market.

You are free to choose what matches your needs best. It also depends on what level you are in the sport; amateur, professional, or you do it just as a hobby. There is the best TenPoint crossbow available for every user.