Best Kohler Shower Systems

Kohler Shower Systems

Founded in 1873, Kohler corporation is one of the oldest showerhead manufacturers in the world. Over the past 146 years, Kohler has grown up as one of leading manufacturer od different types of plumbing products, such as kitchen and bathroom equipment’s, not only in Mainland USA but in the entire world as well. The primary mission of this particular company, is to contribute to the overall human development through developing and manufacturing great quality products. Kohler is highly popular for producing highly efficient showering units which combines great design with efficient functioning. These Kohler showerheads are also built strong for prolonged uses as well.
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Forte 2.5 GPM




Multihead Shower Head


22169-G-CP Forte Showerhead


Bluetooth Shower Head

Best Kohler Shower Systems

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KOHLER Forte 2.5 GPM Single-Function Wall-Mount Showerhead

It is one of the most popular flagship models from the shower head manufacturers, which wins everybody’s heart with its ground breaking technologies and smart built. With the most innovative type of nozzle pattern and state-of-the-art internal waterways system, this Best Kohler Rain shower head is bound to provide a satisfying bathing experience each and every time.

This 2.5 GPM showerhead is also equipped with latest Kinetic Air technology, which increases the water and air mixing ratio, in order to form voluptuous water droplets. This feature, mixes around 2 litres of air per minute with the water droplets, make them way larger and thicker than droplets from regular shower heads.

This thicker and wider water droplets clings to the body, in order to give a luxurious and reliving bath after a stress day at work only. Along with increasing the shower experience, like any other great quality shower heads, this one also has the lowest flow rate of 2.5 GPM, which saves a lot of water as well. The stylish chrome finish is not only increasing the style quotient of the bathroom but also resist lime and mineral build-up on the holes as well.

These shower heads are also resistant from almost every type of tarnishes and corrosions, which can take place, when some deals with water. The intuitive nozzle geometry of the Kohler Rain shower head also acts as an added advantage, and promotes best bathing experience with relevant water saving simultaneously.


  • Air induction features ensures maximum infusion of in to the water
  • 66 nozzles ensure even flow of voluptuous water droplets
  • Saves water with minimal water flow rate
  • Decreased chances of in-efficient water spray
  • Affordable price range
  • Cleaning the nozzle head is easy


  • No shower arm is included

KOHLER K-72419-CP Awaken G110 Multifunction Showerhead

Like any other best quality Showerheads, this Awaken G110 Multifunction Showerhead is also a great one, in terms of both design and functionality. The Kohler K-72419-CP is basically a moderate showerhead, which concentrates on a compact design, great features and efficient functionality, to develop a wholesome unit by all means. A plain and simple round shaped showerhead, posses a simple yet stylish approach, this particular Kohler one catches everybody’s attention at the first place with its contemporary geometric outlook only.

With this level of minimalism, this best Kohler showerhead will always go well with almost every type of bathroom décor including in the guest’s bathroom, or children’s bathroom etc. now, for the technical perspective, this particular one is also equipped with three distinct spray setting features, which includes a targeted spray, a wide coverage and an intense drenching form to chose from.

These different shower setting options are only included to increase the bathing experience each and every time, by enabling the user to choose their desired spray setting as the need and requirement of that particular time. The transitioning between the three consecutive spray setting is also very easy and hassle free, and all thanks to the little thumb tab on the edge of the showerhead.

Along with all these technical details, one particular thing has to be mentioned that, the advanced spray technology, not only increases the performance level of the showerhead but it also decreases the wastage of water by minimizes water overspray and cleaning and rinsing of showerhead is also become easier in this way.


  • Three different spray setting to choose from
  • Transitioning between different modes are easy
  • Lowest possible water flow rate
  • Extremely cheap in terms of price
  • Saves a lot of water, hence environment friendly


  • None found

Kohler Multihead Shower Head

Upgrade your washroom by installing the convenient and versatile KOHLER multi head Showerhead system. Featuring innovative Flipstream technology and a sleek design, the Kohler showerhead offers four showering sensations to fit your mood. With its simple rotation of the spray face, you can experience a soft downpour, targeted massage, exhilarating circular spray, or a traditional full spray.

This best shower head mainly designed to fit the look of traditional or contemporary bathrooms. Moreover, this Flipside Showerhead comes with an elegant transitional design with smooth, flowing lines. As the Flipside of these kohler shower systems provides a dedicated spray face for each of the four sprays, your shower won’t be compromised by space limitations on the showerhead. However, with your choice of four spray faces, the Kohler Showerhead allows you to enjoy the spray that best fits your needs.

Coverage is a full spray that is perfect for everyday use, while Kohler releases a dense, soft downpour that resembles a spa spray. Kohler flip shower head are ideal for massaging the body, with Current offering a targeted massage spray. This Kohler multi head shower head system delivers a full-face spray in an exhilarating, circular pattern that relaxes and refreshes. The Kohler flipside Shower head features innovative Flipstream technology that facilitates use.

You just turn the kohler massage shower heads on its axis to the desired position. Moreover, its advanced ergonomics make it comfortable to manoeuvre, and the showerhead flips easily to the position you want, even if you have soapy hands. At 5-3/8 inches across, the Kohler Flipside Showerhead fits most showers and features a 2.5 gallon (9.5 litres) per minute flow rate. Plus, the angle of the showerhead can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of user heights.


  • Four showers in one
  • Flipstream technology
  • Versatile shower head
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Very hard plastic
  • Getting the flow restrictor out was not easy

Kohler 22169-G-CP Forte Showerhead

This Kohler 22169-G-CP model, which is very much similar to the previously mentioned K-72419-CP model, in terms of both design and functionality. An incredibly functional showerhead with three different spray style settings, this particular Kohler rain shower head is manufactured with only user’s convenience and comfort in mind. The different spray settings include a katalyst mode, a massage mode and a silk spray.

Whereas the silk spray enables the water to flow softly and gently on the skin, the massage mode is all about targeted water spray which can be used to relieve stress and treat sore muscles after a tiring day of work. But the Katalyst spray mode is completely different from the others and it is a Kohler patented feature only. in this mode, the amount air, which is going to be mixed with the water flow is at the maximum rate, thus it makes the water droplets larger, wider and even voluptuous.

While use this particular mode, the water feels to be heavier on the skin, hence making the entire bathing process much more comfortable and fulfilling. With the built-in thumb tab on the edge of the showerhead, transitioning between different modes are also become easier and hassle free as well.

Though a bit expensive than the above-mentioned Kohler models, this particular one is also featuring advanced spray features and Master clean Spray nozzles, which makes it worth of all the money spent on it. The MasterClean spray nozzles are also rust and limescale resistance, hence increases the durability of the showerhead as well.


  • Highly efficient shower head
  • Minimal water flow rate
  • Environment friendly as saves a lot of water
  • Compatible with forte shower fixtures


  • A bit expensive than the other mentioned models
  • Shower arm and other accessories are not included

Kohler Bluetooth Shower Head

The Kohler Bluetooth Shower Head is a high-quality showerhead with a removable Bluetooth speaker. This showerhead itself works very well, and the Bluetooth speaker sounds great while you are soaping up. Moreover, the volume can be a touch low for certain podcasts, and the speaker doesn’t sound too impressive outside of the washroom. But if you are searching for the ultimate sound-in-the-shower setup, look no further.

The Kohler Moxie Shower head is well-designed and attractive. This best shower head measures 4.18 by 5 inches (HW) and comes in either a white or polished chrome finish. The spray face of these best kohler shower system is made of a white, soft silicone. However, this Kohler Bluetooth shower head is a simple design that should look good in most showers.

The Kohler Moxie shower head is a single-function showerhead. That means it only has one spray setting and comes in either 2.0 or 2.5 GPM models. The speaker of this Kohler showerhead itself is a 1.5-watt detachable Bluetooth device made of the same white silicone as the spray face.


  • Seven hours of uninterrupted play
  • Polished Chrome features
  • Silicon spray face
  • Wireless speaker
  • Bluetooth technology


  • Sound is very bass heavy
  • Less life time

Things to consider in a best kohler shower system


Have you ever considered the necessity of choosing the best shower head? No? Well, it is no wonder that a lot of us don’t really pay much attention to our shower head even though we use it every day. A showerhead may not seem that great. But if you want a refreshing and hygienic shower every day, then you need to pay it a little bit of your attention. A good shower can help in strengthening you and help you become more awake which can help you in having an amazing day ahead of you. Wondering how you can buy a good shower head for your bathroom?

No worries, We have the right guide for you. With the help of this, you will be able to sort out the best shower head and will be able to choose the perfect product for yourself. So, here are the top things that every user should consider when shopping for a proper shower head.

Shower Head Material

Firstly, the major thing to think about when sourcing a new shower faucet is the material that it made of. And as with the vast majority of luxury washroom items, you definitely get what you pay for. Hence, with solid brass offering the best level of durability in addition to a classic look, it is typically the most expensive option. Cheaper, and often more popular shower faucet plumbing types tend to come in the form of copper, iron and aluminium. But whilst it may be tempting to cut costs by sourcing lower quality materials, adopting this method can lead to spiralling outlays in the future.

Of course, having to regularly replace faucets or commit to extra plumbing work is bound to stretch your budget, so it is worth weighing up the contrasting prices of brass shower faucets in comparison with their lower quality counterparts. Kohler shower heads exclusively feature a solid brass construction, but still remain available at a superb value cost.

Shower Head Type

There are two main general types of shower heads on the market. Hence, you need to consider which style is best suited to your washroom and available space within it, as well as your personal preferences. The first one is simply positioned above the drain and may allow for minimal changes. With the second type more representative of a typical modern shower faucet set.

This latter sort can usually rest on a surface when not in use and is supplied with an adjustable handle that can be moved along the body, as well as a mobile shower head that can deliver the stream of water over your entire body. A moving baton is also included with these more contemporary faucets, that can allow us to target a specific area of the body by utilizing the spray of the shower head. Moreover, this ultimately delivers a far more complete showering experience that can leave you feeling refreshed from head to toe.

Shower Head Controls

And thermostatic controls are another essential element to factor into your choice. No matter whether you’re shopping for shower faucets, kitchen faucet heads, bathtub faucets or any other type. Traditionally, and still quite prominently today, shower systems include a single handle that will not allow the user to combine hot and cold temperatures, instead offering only a strict, defined contrast between the two. And whilst these single lever controls will typically offer an easier installation process, they can show troublesome for anyone overly sensitive to heat and cold.

Modern controls are a more favourable option, providing us with the chance to select a mixture of hot and cold water to find a temperature that is “just right”. And for an ultra-contemporary look, you should add a digital thermostatic display to your modern shower heads if your budget will allow it. Delivering a standout look and undoubtedly easy to use, these panels enable us to set our shower water to a specific temperature as and when it is in operation. The shower will even remember a range of set temperatures to action at a particular time or in certain circumstances. Hence, you can always be assured of a customized showering experience that matches up with your exact requirements.

Shower Faucet Style

Of course, the design style of your shower head is another prominent factor to consider. Your existing washroom decor will often go a long way to dictating the sort of look you can opt for, as well as aforementioned elements such as thermostatic controls. For example, you’re unlikely to opt an antique style faucet to team with a digital display. A sleek, contemporary chrome shower head would be a far better option. And the actual component the shower will be teamed with is sure to influence your decision also. A vintage bathtub shower head would be an appropriate option to accompany a traditional style tub, whereas modern shower faucet sets like Kohler bathroom shower heads would be much better suited to sleek, contemporary shower enclosures.

Shower Faucet Practicality

As your investment in a shower head is likely to be relatively significant, to say the least. You’ll want to assure that your option guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable showering experience. That said, you should consider all sorts of different shower shapes, with many people tending to prefer options that have the scope to target those hard-to-reach areas. In addition to the size and rigidity of a faucet, the likes of massage controls and features are other options to think about. Especially when you’re looking for a more well-rounded faucet that delivers a performance stretching beyond the meaning of basic practicality.

Consider the Water Temperature option

One important thing to keep in mind when searching for the best shower head is that make sure it won’t cool down the hot water in order to provide more water pressure. A lot of kohler high pressure shower head use air pressure to offer you the feeling of a strong water pressure that can greatly affect the water temperature and will return you cold water. However, there are many shower head manufacturing companies these days, like Kohler shower heads, who are dealing with this issue by using technology that can increase the water pressure while keeping it hot.

Easy installation

Another deciding factor in whether a shower head is perfect for your or not is its installation process. Most shower heads are easy to install and can be fitted with the help of an adjustable wrench and some plumber’s tape. However, an instruction manual and an easy-to-reach customer service can make the whole experience even more pleasant for the user. Hence, check out a shower head that can provide you with detailed instructions on how to install your own shower head and will always be available to contact in case of any emergencies.

Pay Attention to your budget

Another important thing to consider when buying a shower head is your budget and how much more are you willing to spend. If you are searching for a budget-friendly shower head then you should probably stick to traditional shower head model. But if your money is not an issue for you and you would like a shower head with the best options, then you could buy a handheld showerhead, rain shower head, water saving shower head, and many more. Remember that a simple shower head would always be less costly than a designer shower head.

User Height Variation

This is yet another important option that one must consider when looking for a suitable shower head. You need to consider the different users that will be using the shower head to take a bath and compare their height differences before making a decision. If your family has someone as tall as 6 ft. who would be using this shower head and someone as short as 4ft 10 inches using the same shower head, then you would need to consider a shower head which would be comfortable for both of the users and will be adjusted easily by them.


Kohler company includes engages in the businesses of kitchen and bath products, decorative and furniture products, engines and power generation systems and golf and resorts. Its kitchen and bath goods include sinks, sink faucets, bathing and showering products, toilets, toilet seats, vanities, medicine cabinets, console tables, mirrors, bidets, artist editions and commercial bathroom products, kitchen faucets and sinks, bar and utility sinks, parts and accessories, medicine cabinets, shower doors,mirrors, and lighting products. The Kohler’s furniture and decorative commodities include ceramic, glass, stone, porcelain, metal, concrete, mosaic, leather, terra cotta, and wood tiles.