Best Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Husqvarna snow blowers offer a cleated track-drive system that delivers unbeatable propulsion on slippery surfaces, hills, and in deeper snow. Convenient trigger control power steering allows you to operate each wheel/track separately for superior maneuverability and tight 180-degree turning.
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Husqvarna ST224P




Best Husqvarna Snow Blowers

Husqvarna snow blowers are powerful snow clearing units from a well-known brand. These machines not only help you clear snow from your driveway or walking paths but also saves you big time. With the best Husqvarna snow blower, you get to enjoy some benefits such as effortless snow cleaning. You just hit the button; the engine is up and running and in no time, you’re done clearing the snow out of your way. Also, these units have great features that make work a lot easier. Such as the power steering, electric start, among others that you’ll see in the review.

In this article, we review five Husqvarna snow blowers with the Husqvarna ST330 topping the list. The Editor’s Choice boasts rich features such as a generous clearing width, excellent horsepower, long-throw distance, and easy maneuverability. You can read more about the product below. The other products are also great selection and have amazing features.

Husqvarna ST330

The Husqvarna ST330 is not your average snow blower. It boasts a 369cc engine with a two-stage electric start, and it’s gas-powered. This thing is one of the strongest and highest capacity snow blowers you’ll ever come across. It has more power and conveniently handles wet snow. The Husqvarna ST330 has a nice hydro and throws snow a long way. While the reliable two-stage system ensures plenty of throwing capacity – the power steering and a high capacity belt system deliver smooth operation in heavy snow. This beast features heavy-duty components that are incredibly durable – a cast-iron auger box and a cast iron impeller. When it comes to clearing frozen snow, its robust auger makes the workflow smoothly.

Both the operation and maneuverability of this unit are straightforward, and even a minor can get work done. The handle height is adjustable in four steps making its procedure comfortable. Heated grips make sure that your hands don’t freeze while you’re working while LED headlights ensure that you can see where you’re doing when working in the dark. Although the headlights are not that bright, they serve the purpose pretty nicely. The Husqvarna ST330 has a working width of 30 inches, and the impeller has four blades. On the downside, when you hit the reverse gear, this thing moves very slowly. Also, it has a large front, and it feels like you’re trying to lift some 30 lbs. when you push down the handles. Lastly, the 12-inch impeller does not have much capacity when throwing snow. 

Husqvarna ST430T

Husqvarna ST430T is a big boy. This thing features a massive 420cc engine and is a two-stage track drive snow blower. The best way to describe it is that it’s a big, high-capacity, strapping, and high-power machine. It’s a great machine compared with the wheeled snow blower. You can adjust the front end, so it rides off the ground. Its maximum performance makes it suitable for commercial applications. The best components on this unit include an electric starter for effortless starting – just hit the button, and the thing is up and running, ready to go. There’s a steel control panel that enhances your operation. The power steering with triggers gives you easy and stress-free maneuverability while the LED headlights ensure you see where you’re going during the dark.

This snow blower never runs out of traction and will move it almost a perfectly straight line until you decide it is now time to turn – thanks to its continuous track treads. The full tracks make it possible to go up and clear the top of a snowdrift without having troubles – something that wheeled snow blowers can’t do. Also, you can use this snow blower to cut through 18 inches of snow without getting stuck. This machine is for you if you have a steep slope, a walking path, soft ground, or deep drifts to clear. Its snow clearance performance is mind-blowing. There is something to worry about; this sucker travels slower than a wheeled unit. If you can’t keep up with its slow pace, then it can easily be annoying. Note that the unit will go places a wheeled machine can’t. When you purchase it, be prepared to do some assembling that will take between one and two hours. All in all, it’s the best Husqvarna track snow blower.

Husqvarna ST324

The Husqvarna ST324 is a 24-inch two-stage snow blower. It features an electric start and a friction-disc transmission for smooth operation. Its design is ideal for homeowners with large driveways and paths and would like to have a high-performing snow blower. Interestingly, the adjustable skid shoes in this unit make it suitable in all snow conditions. It has a high throwing capacity and clears pretty well regardless of the surface. The handles are adjustable to a convenient height for ergonomic use. Also, the handles’ grips are heated to beat the cold during extreme freezing times. The presence of LED headlights makes you see clearly when the vision is blurry.

This machine clears the snow like a vacuum cleaner, but you must adjust the clearance to prevent the unit from sucking stones off the surface. The locking thrower grip mechanism prevents constant drip; hence you can’t lose circulation. Irrespective of this machine’s outstanding performance, there is one thing to note. When you want to turn the snow blower, you must skid the tires because the wheels are locked on the axle.

Husqvarna ST224P

The Husqvarna ST224P is an excellent snow blower with pretty nice features. It features an electric start that makes a start up a breeze. Once you flip all the switches to the right spot, hit the start button, and the thing will be up and running in no time. Something worth mentioning is that always read the instructions on how to operate it and check the oil before you do anything. You might be surprised to find out that yours has a drip barely. If you’ve worked with engines for a while, you understand what could happen if one runs without oil. Before we forget, when you want to start the blower using the electric start, you plug into a power outlet and hit the button.

The unit features hydrostatic transmission and a power steering that provide smooth operation. Also, the heated handles ensure that you operate the snow blower in a comfy way during icy conditions. The LED headlights come in handy whenever you’re forced to work in dark conditions. This thing is also stable. Whether you’re using it on slippery surfaces, deeper snow, or hills, its performance is exemplary. Its trigger control power steering allows you to operate each wheel independently. If you always have to wrestle with hard-packed snow, this unit has your back.

Husqvarna ST327

This is a 291cc two-stage snow blower with a power steering. It boasts a high-capacity belt system that’s essential in heavy snow. The height-adjustable handle enhances comfortable operation as you can adjust it to fit your preferences. Just like the Husqvarna ST224P, the power steering allows perfect maneuverability in harsh conditions. This unit is ideal to operate in both frozen and wet snow – thanks to the heavy-duty auger. It has big massive tread tires for better traction, and composite and metal skid shoes are included. If you’ve been looking for the best snow blower to use in extremely light and dry snow or windy weather conveniently, then this is what you need. Thanks to its deflector extension, that makes it the right choice for such conditions. Anytime you’re not clearing, always use the throttle control to idle down the engine.

The Husqvarna ST327 is probably one of the best 2 stage snow blowers. This thing cuts through the snow quietly, and with the help of a high-speed impeller, it throws it an extra-long distance. With this machine, you can use the adjustable skid shoes to make sure that the space between the auger housing and the ground is reasonable to protect or prevent it from sucking strange objects. When we look at durability, the whole machine is designed in every aspect that showcases its ability to last for decades. Some of these features include boron steel scraper, premium control cables, cast iron auger gearbox, cast iron impeller, and heavy-duty auger housing. The working width of this snow blower is 27 inches. When it comes to the reverse movement, this unit moves slowly. That’s the only thing to worry about, and it’s not a dealbreaker.

Features to consider before you buy a Husqvarna snow blower

While compiling this review, we spent hours looking into the significant elements that we think one should look for in the right Husqvarna snow blower. They include horsepower, clearing width, throw distance, and weight. Below is an explanation of each feature.


Before we get further with this feature, what’s horsepower anyway? This is a term that you’ll often hear people throwing around while speaking about engines or automotive. Well, horsepower, in simple terms, is the rate at which work is done. Is horsepower often confused with cubic centimeters (cc)? Yes. As much as these two are different – and we’re not going to get into many details here, there is a small correlation between them. The higher the cc, the more the horsepower. That said, why should you consider a strength? The answer is simple; everything you’re going to do revolves around it. So, the amount of work you’ll be using your snow blower to handle should lead.

As much as most of Husqvarna models can handle snow pretty well, they all have different horsepower. For instance, the Husqvarna ST330 has more considerable horsepower when compared with Husqvarna ST224P. Meaning that the latter can get lots of snow done in no time than the former. Once you know what you want to do with your snow blower, always check the horsepower to see whether it’s equal to the task.

Clearing width

The next thing you want to consider is the clearing width. Again, where do you intend to use your unit? Is it on walk paths, driveways, backyards, or where exactly? Being sober with such things will help you make the right decision when it comes to clearing width. The best Husqvarna snow blower for you should satisfy your clearing width needs.

That may save you 10 minutes or so. If you’re looking for Husqvarna snow blower with a large clearing width, then we have reviewed two that you can consider. Our Editor’s Choice Husqvarna ST330 or the one that comes second on the list, Husqvarna ST430T. Both have 30 inches clearing width if you missed that part.

Throw distance

The throwing distance of any snow blower matters, and you can’t assume. Before you decide on this feature, you should be aware of the size of the area you’d like to clear. We’ve some people complain about a unit throwing too far into their neighbors’ compounds. On the contrary, others complain that whatever they have does not throw as far as they’d like. Such comments are a clear indication that these guys did not pay attention to the throw distance of the units they purchased. For instance, the Husqvarna ST330 throws up to 20 plus feet. Some of the products we’ve reviewed do not specify this feature. We would advise you to find out from the manufacturer or the relevant people before you buy one.


Weight is a feature that people seem not to talk much about. The truth is it’s one of those things that you must consider.

. Second, what’s the nature of the snow that you’ll be clearing? What about the place you live? Are there hills to climb with the snow blower? Something else to ask yourself is how you’ll be storing the unit. All these questions should help you decide on the weight of the machine to buy. The best Husqvarna snow blower for you will be one weighing what you can comfortably handle. For those looking for a heavy unit, maybe the Husqvarna ST430T will best fit you.