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Hair goals are no more a dream with so many brands coming up with extraordinary solutions. No matter what hair or scalp type or problems you have, a product focusing specifically on your needs is available. The very first step to keeping hair going well is by maintaining a proper cleansing routine. There are many cleansers and shampoos being capable to give you nice and non-drying scalp with every wash. However, that does not define every literal model to be your ideal fit.
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Herbal Essences

Argan Oil Shampoo

Herbal Essences

Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

Herbal Essences

Mosa Mint Shampoo

Herbal Essences

Cucumber & Green Tea Shampoo

Herbal Essences

Detox Black Charcoal Shampoo

Best Herbal Essences Shampoo

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Herbal Essences Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Argan oil is a beauty remedy that has been used for decades for soft, silky and shiny hair. It has maximum antioxidants and vitamin E which helps to improve hair flexibility and steadily for lengthy hair.

And you know what? It has effective properties that help to soften for healthy-looking hair. The shampoo is made of Water, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Argan oil which helps to give shiny looking hair by repairing the dull and lifeless hair.

But wait there’s more; it works fine on heat damaged hair by softening hair edges and medulla. The duo package only requires a small amount of product for washing the scalps. It hand conditioner which helps to moist the hair edges for repairing better.

Overall, it is made of good quality for using twice a week, especially for oily hair. The shampoo & conditioner helps to grow new hair for fixing the lifeless hair with its soothing effect. It is also helpful for promoting antioxidants for supporting natural oil.


  • This shampoo works better for curly or 4c hair.
  • It has a wonderful aroma that calms the hair follicle.
  • This product is useful for soft and silky hair for giving life to it.
  • It has rich properties for making hair look strong and glossy.
  • The product is super fine for both men and women.


  • It has sulfate acid.

Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

Coconut milk is known for its healthy agents who help to improve hair follicles and increase long hair. It has astonishing properties for improving hair growth with soft and shiny feel on the hair.

The duo product has good properties for hydrating the hair cortex and medulla. It also treats better with its moisture and manageable texture for controlling the hair from getting damaged. The conditioner helps to nourish hair to look healthier than before by promoting maximum antioxidants.

To be honest, it has 90% of pure origin which helps to calm the brain with an efficient soothing effect. The shampoo helps to clear the scalp for controlling the PH level rightly with natural oil. It has a deep moisturized conditioner for reducing dry peeling or dryness with strong hair.

Overall, the duo pack works fine on dry or damaged hair for fixing hair problems with care. It has antioxidant which helps to improve dry or frizzy hair by using a little of it. The shampoo helps to clean better and conditioner helps to treatment dull or broken hair edges.


  • It works great for dry, oily and sensitive hair types.
  • The product has a great floral smell which gives an effectual soothing effect.
  • It has a wonderful conditioner for soft, silky and manageable hair.
  • The combo package helps to fight oily scalp and inflammation.
  • It helps in protecting the UV radiation.


  • After applying the shampoo, the hair gets dry.

Herbal Essences White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint Shampoo & Conditioner

White grapefruit & mosa mint are useful herbs that help to set the volume with maximum hair growth. It is also great for improving hair roots as well as increasing more long hair.

In our experience, we find the product perfect for daily usage as it contains no paraben or sulfuric acid which is known for damaging the scalp. It helps to balance all-natural oil from your hair to fix the problem of over-dry or oily scalp. The couple set helps to clean better with no chemical reaction.

The best part of this shampoo & conditioner is its long-lasting smell which helps to relax the mind while showering. It has floral citrus, exotic spice and creamy vanilla essence which promotes floral fragrancefor providing a soothing effect. These duo products help with cleaning scalp and hair deeply.

Overall, it is good for reducing damaged scalp and provides better hair growth with less breakage. The shampoo & conditioner don’t irritate on the scalp and helps to lessen breakages. It is beneficial to soften and smoothes the hair.


  • It is paraben-free shampoo which protects the scalp from getting dry.
  • The shampoo & conditioner helps to improve humidity.
  • It is perfect for cleaning the dry or sensitive hair scalp.
  • The duo pack is useful to soften and silky the hair.
  • It has a balanced aroma that refreshes the 


  • This product doesn’t have warranty support.

Herbal Essences Cucumber & Green Tea Shampoo & Conditioner

Cucumber & green tea is better for cleaning and moistens dry or frizzy hair by promoting antioxidant into hair cell. It has effective agents that help to clean the hair by giving a soft and satisfying look.

And we don’t stop there as it has wonderful amber and green tea aroma which helps to calm the stress with an effective soothing vibe. With its soothing effect, you can feel the moisture going into the scalp which provides antioxidants for fighting hair loss.

We also love about its good purification and gentle moisturizing outcome which helps to get rid of tangled hair. The cucumber and green tea effect helps to lessen hair damages and leaves the hair look soft, silky and shiny. It is fair enough for colored or tinted hair which helps to restore the natural shine.

Overall, the shampoo & conditioner is super convenient for frizzy or 4c hair with a better impact. It has no paraben or sulfate which is safe to use for dry or tangled hair. The products have rich agents which help to reduce hair fall by giving life to dull hair.


  • The couple package has a long-lasting smell for relaxing better.
  • It has a reasonable price to purchase.
  • The product has moisturizing agents for wavy or frizzy hair.
  • It doesn’t give a heavy feel on hair after shampooing.
  • The conditioner helps to balance the PH level and sensitivity.


  • It isn’t suitable for thick hair.

Herbal Essences Detox Black Charcoal Shampoo & Conditioner

This shampoo & conditioner is made for reducing redness, oily scalp, and dandruff with its purifying tonic. It has fabulous simulating charcoal which helps to get rid of extreme oil and dirt from hair follicles.

But here’s the kicker, it has lavender, juicy citrus and cocoa fragrances which is great for cheering the mind. The shampoo just requires a little bit for clearing dead cells and the conditioner helps to restore the natural form. It has an effective aroma which helps to increase the blood flow.

Want to know the best part? It has a great calming effect and repairs the damaged hair for increasing hair growth. The shampoo & conditioner helps to restore the natural style of hair with effective charcoal agents. Also, it gives nourishing properties for improving long hair.

Overall, the duo products are super fine in quality and great for beginners to use daily. It has safe agents that help to reduce the problem of oily scalp and dandruff. The shampoo & conditioner has the right features for reducing damaged scalp for long and silky hair.


  • This shampoo promotes antioxidant for giving life to the dull hair.
  • It is suitable for tented or colored hair for softening.
  • The conditioner helps to moist and humid the scalp.
  • It is useful for removing hair loss and breakages.
  • The duo pack is great for clearing the hair better.


  • It has a strong and unpleasant smell.

Which Herbal Essences Shampoo is For You?

It’s always a confusing topic whenever it comes to choosing any product. That’s the same with shampoo as well. There’s plenty of lingo going on in a bottle of shampoo but you have to match it up with your hair type and needs. How to do that?

Well, it’s super simple once you know what your head is practically looking for. Some common criteria you need to think about will be listed down.

Consider Your Scalp Type

The shampoo will cleanse the scalp and get rid of any oil, dirt and styling product. It is dealing closely with your scalp, so if your choice of shampoo isn’t really going well for the contact, you’ll be in trouble.

There are different formulations available for various scalp type. You have to consider the oil build-up for your scalp to define the right type.

If your hair is easily dirty and there’s a lot of oil production even with regular washing, you are an oily scalp person.

On the other hand, if your scalp feels tight and lacking in moisture after washing your hair frequently, it’s the dry scalp.

Another type called normal scalp is defined as being in the middle of these two types. For each category, you have a different formulation of hair products.

For Oily Scalp

With oily scalp, you need a formulation that slows down the sebum production. So, you should be looking for shampoos that are from non-hydrating and non-smoothing category.

You should go for volumizing, strengthening and balancing effects more. Also, there are many clarifying shampoos available that can help too oily scalp. However, these are only beneficial if you have an extremely oily scalp.

For Dry Scalp

With a dry scalp, you need shampoos that reduce itchiness and flakiness. You should absolutely not try strengthening and volumizing shampoos. Instead, go for hydration and smoothening effects included products.

The more you work with moisture retention, the better your scalp will feel. Look for ingredients such as tea tree and menthol if you are suffering from too much dryness. You should also avoid sulfates and parabens to sidestep additional damages.

A shampoo that works best for bringing back the moisture balance for your scalp is what you should invest in.

For Normal Scalp

Normal hair netizens, you are blessed with experiments and trying different choices. You can consider your hair needs without thinking much about the scalp. Just don’t go for too drying or moisturizing products. Everything else is going to be just fine for your scalp.

You can use shampoos that specifies your hair needs without being too dry or oily.

Right Ingredients

Herbal essences shampoo usually come with lots of effective ingredients that work great for multiple hair types.

Depending on your needs, you should have a closer look at the label of the product. Target the first five ingredients. See if there’s anything you are allergic too.

Look for coconut oil, shea butter, honey, and similar moisturizing elements if you are looking for extra smoothening. Green tea, tea tree oil, cucumber, and charcoal are great for deep cleansing your scalp without losing the balance.