Best Fluidmaster Toilet Parts

Fluidmaster Toilet Parts

While toilets are one of the essential features of a home, cleaning and repairing one can seem like a chore. A toilet fill valve builds and controls the toilet’s water level using a sensor and flapper. Toilet fill valves often try to save water, remove waste, and prevent overflow. The best toilet fill valves are quiet, efficient, economical, and leak free, saving you money in the long-term. Here, we at Plumbing Lab have selected some of the best fill valves on the market for you.
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400AH PerforMAX



Zurn Z6003

WS1-YB-YC Aquaflush



American Standard


Best Fluidmaster Toilet Parts

Slightly different from a fill valve, a toilet flush valve expels water from the toilet tank and into the bowl when you flush. Pulling on the flush handle opens the flapper like a plug, and the flush valve releases water into the toilet bowl.

Once the water is expelled, the water fill valve then allows water to pass through the inlet tube and into the tank. The water sensor stops this influx of water once the correct level has been reached. Having a spare fill valve on hand means a smooth and quick afternoon replacement instead of having to wait days for an order or plumber.

Fluidmaster 400AH PerforMAX

If you have a high-efficiency toilet, the Fluidmaster PerforMAX is for you. Available at a low price, this fill valve gives a whole lot of bang for your buck. Powerful and universal, this fill valve fits almost any toilet out there. The Fluidmaster PerforMAX’s height is adjustable, making fitting and installation a breeze.

Whether you have a dual flush, an older model, or a branded toilet, there is nothing this valve cannot handle. One of the quietest models on the market, your bathroom privacy will no longer be disturbed. The fast and efficient refill rate puts others out there to shame while saving water.

The seven-year warranty ensures that you are covered should the unexpected happen, meaning that you can flush any concerns away. 


If your Toto toilet fill valve needs an upgrade, the TSU99A.X is an excellent choice. Available in a double pack for your convenience, this set includes everything you need for an easy and smooth installation process. The TSU99A.X is adjustable and able to fit your toilet tank perfectly.

With a standard size inlet connection and a full list of what this product can replace on Toto’s website, it is hard to beat this combination of power and convenience; it’s no wonder that this is one of the best toilet water fill valves. Even if you lose the manual or warranty, both documents are available on Amazon for free just in case.

That being said, this model is designed with other Toto toilets in mind, so if you have another branded toilet it may be best to purchase one of the other models on our list. 

Zurn Z6003-WS1-YB-YC Aquaflush

Beauty is more than what can you see on the surface, and the Zurn Aquaflush valve truly proves it. With a stylish yet durable polished chrome finish, this fill valve is quiet and easy to install. A slightly different style than others on this list, this is perfect for replacing older diaphragm models.

Both chloramine and clog resistant, this fill valve has a dual seal diaphragm and runs at a strong 1 gallon per flush. Despite its strength, the Zurn Aquaflush is one of the quietest models on the market, meaning that your bathroom can be a calm oasis once again.

The Aquaflush is built with convenience and durability in mind, and the three-year warranty has you covered for when accidents happen. 

KOHLER GP1138930

If customizable fill valves are what you need, Kohler has you covered with the GP1138930. An excellent replacement product for older models, this silent fill valve is quick and easy to install. Customization is at the heart of the GP1138930 thanks to the interchangeable color-coded fill valves and adjustable height.

There is no need to spend money making your toilet fit this product; Kohler designed this fill valve to completely conform to your individual needs. The one year warranty is a great feature to protect against unexpected issues, and Kohler’s fantastic customer service is always there to help when you need it.

At such a reasonable price, this is truly one of the best fill valves you could choose for your home. 

American Standard 3174.105-0070A

Available in a single or triple pack for your convenience, American Standard has created an excellent universal fill valve to fix your toilet issues permanently. When it comes to installation and quality, American Standard live up to their reputation by providing easy to install and durable products like the 3174.105-0070A that last a lifetime.

The worst case scenario is always a possibility, which is why the one-year limited warranty can ease your worries. One of the best replacement toilet valves on the market, this valve is specially crafted for the American Standard Champion line two-piece toilets and Champion 4 flush systems; please bear this in mind before purchase.

If you need to know which parts can be replaced by this valve, American Standard has a list of the replaceable parts online to help. Available for a decent price, click on the link to see how the 3174.105-0070A can transform your flushing experience. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)


How do I fix a malfunctioning valve?

Malfunctioning valves are easy enough to fix. If the valve manual or brand website has a repair guide, it is best to follow that. If not, follow our tutorial above for guidance. If you are unsure of what to do, it is always best to contact a professional for advice before you begin.

How long does a toilet fill valve last?

With proper care and maintenance, a toilet fill valve can last for around four or five years. However, using harsh chemical bowl cleaners will damage the valve and cut its lifespan in half or more.

How long does it take a plumber to install a toilet fill valve?

The time it will take for a plumber to install a toilet fill valve varies depending on their experience, your location, and the state of your toilet and original valve. However, it should not take longer than two hours if everything goes smoothly.

Can a toilet fill valve be repaired?

A toilet fill valve can indeed be repaired, and you do not always need to call a professional to do it. Depending on the problem, you can fix the issue yourself within an afternoon. However, if you are unsure of what to do, you can call a plumber for a consultation.

How do I clean a toilet flush valve?

To clean a toilet flush valve, turn off the water supply, hold the flush handle until most of the water is gone, mop the excess liquid with a cloth and wipe the valve down with a clean sponge and light soap. If you can, put a sealing ring on the drain seat and put everything back. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives while cleaning the valve.